Oakland producer and vocalist Brogan Bentley has announced the release of a new album called Diapason Rex which will be out on August 13th via Leaving Records. According to the press release, the proper follow-up to Bentley’s cult classic 2014 debut, The Snake, Diapason Rex sees Bentley doubling down to evoke the geography and spiritual energy of the West Coast, while showcasing the producer’s growing confidence in both carefully crafted dance productions and expansive sonic arrangements.

Diapason Rex adheres to LEAVING’s mantra of ALL GENRE, touching various realms of the electronic landscape. “Phantom” strikes at emotions of pain and loss, while conjuring orchestrated, haunting dubby garage echoing Burial with vocals by Brogan. 

We already shared “Phantom“; “The Word” is a new excerpt which features Stunny. Bentley states, “I’m so particular in so many aspects, and I’m so certain of what I want things to sound like, that I’ll go after it with everything I’ve got. Between the two places of pure experimentation and total intention, is where this album was born from… I really feel like every single song is a crystal.”

He later added of the record, “It’s been brewing for a long, long time and it holds so much information. This is the crowning burst of harmonious song for me, my opus, my cosmic regal song.”