One year after Bury The Moon, Icelandic singer-songwriter and musician Ásgeir announced the release of a new EP called The Sky Is Painted Gray Today which will be out on September 3rd via One Little Indipendent. “Sunday Drive” is the first excerpt which comes with the official video.

He explains:  “Sunday Drive was written about a car accident I had when I was 7 years old. Every Sunday me and my family used to drive on top of a mountain close to the town where we lived and then get out of the car, walk around and enjoy the view. On the day of the accident my older sister was allowed to take pictures on a new camera that my mom and dad had recently bought but they didn’t trust me with it so I got upset and stayed in the car while they went out to take pictures. While I was upset waiting in the car I started playing with the gear shift and handbrake and suddenly the car started moving. It flew down the hill and flipped around a few times and was completely destroyed when it stopped. I crawled out pretty much uninjured, only needing four stitches on my head.”