Matija Strniša is a Berlin-based film score composer and musician. According to his bio, His most recent work includes the score for the internationally successful South Korean feature film, House of Hummingbird, which had its world premiere at the Busan International Film Festival 2018 in the “New Currents” Section.

He has announced the release of a new album called Wardenclyffe Tower which will be out in August and it is inspired by Nikola Tesla and his visionary experiment. Today we have the pleasure to share a new track called “In Dreams” which will be out tomorrow as a single. According to the press release, The ever-evolving hypnotic track utilizes layers of clarinet anchored by the bass tones of a Minimoog synthesizer, creating a work that evokes both a sense of optimism and uncertainty based on Tesla’s vision at the cusp of the 20th Century.

He explains: “In ‘Dreams’ I was trying to capture the feelings of the unknown, uncertainty and at the same time excitement and positivity, but also a bit of the unease and anxiety when one is overwhelmed when developing and researching new ideas.

In the track there are many clarinet layers that are forming the evolving musical structure throughout the course of the track. Some of the material I pitched-down with the intention of creating a wider tonal and emotional spectrum. On the electronic side, I added minimal Minimoog bass elements, which help glue together the whole musical structure.”

Listen below.