obli is a musician in the truest sense of the word. Having been in bands from a young age, he moved to Los Angeles where he met Sonny Moore (Skrillex) who introduced him to electronic music. In 2017 he began to focus on making his own electronic music as a personal creative outlet, and in 2020 he signed with ODESZA’s record label Foreign Family Collective and released his debut EP Change.

Now he’s back with a new track called “hei“.

Speaking on the new single obli said: “I keep coming back to this idea about how music has always been there for me. I really want to make this new music feel more personal than anything I have ever done before. As I was working on this song, I asked my wife who is Norwegian to record a couple of voice memos as personal messages to me. She started the first one with “hei” which means hello in Norwegian and eventually ended up becoming the title of the song.”