Mush are a Leeds-based art-rock band led by singer-songwriter and musician Dan Hyndman. Back in February 2020, they have released their first full-length called 3D Routine. In 2021 they have released the sophomore album called Lines Redacted which is out now via Memphis Industries. The new work finds the group recruiting Lee Smith (The Cribs, Pulled Apart By Horses) on mixing duties.

Now they are back with a new track called “Get On yer Soapbox“. It will be part of the upcoming album called Down Tools which will be out on July 8th via Memphis Industries. Discussing the song, Hyndman says: “‘Get On Yer Soapbox’ is a righteous wig-out number, like “Alternative Facts” but with more cowbell. All the solos are improvised and I very much doubt I will ever be able to recreate them live, you can hear the track going off the rails which is something I’ve found exciting on records. Lyrically again it’s a kind of re-purposing of an old idiom which I like to do. Generally being ‘on your soapbox’ is considered to be a bit of a slur but I think a bit of self-righteousness is warranted from time to time, especially with the shower of shite we’re dealing with”.