Newcomers MANWARI – comprised of LA-based writers/producers Christian Costales and Robert Matthew Herrera – just released a beautiful instrumental track called “Apophenia.” The track is truly a sonic journey, with all sorts of melodies and vocal chops creating a real listening experience.

Exploring the concept of apophenia as the human tendency to see connections and patterns that are not really “there”, a contemplative mood settles in as track’s elements flow into one another, as the duo explains,

“We practice faith and spirituality with MANAWARI; as such, we know that the universe works in a mysterious and abundant way. So with “Apophenia,” we aimed to share how magical it feels when we passionately express ourselves as musicians. From demo to final master, this record evolved significantly into the version we have today. The various stories, emotions, and past experiences that shaped “Apophenia” make us smile and feel good, so we truly hope this also resonates with our listeners. 

While you won’t be able to “see”, “hear” or relive our personal memories with “Apophenia,” we believe you’ll “feel” your own emotions to express- which results in a new, unique memory. Isn’t that “apophenic” in a way? We may not physically be there with you in those moments, but our spirits are connected through space and time. We’re grateful that you chose to invite “Apophenia” into your world.”