Kinkajous are a London-based jazz collective which include Adrien Cau (tenor sax/bass clarinet), Benoît Parmentier (drums/production), Maria Chiara Argirò (piano/rhodes), Andres Castellanos (bass), Jack Doherty (Synths). We introduced them with the 2019’s first full-length Hidden Lines.

Now they have announced the sophomore album called Being Waves which will be out later this year via Nottingham label Running Circle. According to the press release, it explores the space between jazz, orchestral and electronic music, showcasing a richer and more introspective side of the band’s production.

Convolution” is the first excerpt. Band members Benoît and Adrien recount “Convolution’ [being] about the way we relate to ourselves, to others and to the world around us. It moves forward as a unit, although it is composed of elements that are trying to push away from one another, creating an ever-evolving sense of tension and release.”