Gregory Uhlmann is a Los Angeles based guitarist, producer, and composer. As a guitarist, Uhlmann has played and recorded with John Dieterich (Deerhoof),  Brian Blade (Joni Mitchell), wild Up (new music ensemble), Jeff Parker (Tortoise), and many others. One year after Neighborhood Watch, he’s back with a new single called “Goosebumps“.

According to the press release, is an art-folk number about the elasticity of our perception of time. Depending on your mental state and what’s happening in your life at any given moment, time seems to move faster or slower. Uhlmann deftly reflects this perception with a composition that seems to subtly stretch the time between its softly strummed guitar, Uhlmann’s delicate lilt, and trotting drums. Atop meticulously placed auxiliary percussion, a tremolo’d, gurgling synth appears in the song’s climax as if to pull listeners in another direction and accelerate their experience of time, pulling them from the slow, repetitive lull of lockdown.