Two of the record label Runaway Generation’s new signees, young and talented hip-hop rising artists RND Freeman and Jupleci, recently dropped a joint record titled “Phony.” The track is a follow-up to the duo’s previous work “Dead Weight,” a smooth and catchy song that helped both artists demonstrate their raw talent and detail-oriented professional, radio-ready production level. 

Born and raised in Montreal with a full Haitian background, Jupleci brought to the collaboration his RnB, hip hop/rap influences. The artist was raised listening to hip-hop legends like 50 Cent, Kanye West, 2pac, and others. His more recent inspirations are 6lack, Roddy Rich, and Ty Dolla Sign. Getting the best out of his hip-hop role models, Jupleci created his own style, evident not only in his solo music but also on “Phony”. 

On the other hand, RND Freeman, born and raised in Ottawa, Canada, of Cameroonian descent, has a clearly developed signature style that flows on “Phony.” The artist was raised in a household where African music was appreciated. The first artist he connected with was Bob Marley. Similarly to Jupleci, RND Freeman was also influenced by 50 Cent. His other inspirations were Lil Wayne and Akon. 

Jupleci and RND Freeman have a lot in common in their musical tastes and influences. Their styles also have some similarities, but both have elements making their sound unique and unforgettable. Hopefully, we’ll get more joints and solo releases from them in 2021.