Dominican-American multi-instrumentalist Conclave leads a rotating group of musicians united by a love of Afro-Latin music in all its diasporic manifestations. He has released the self-titled debut album which is out now via Love Injection Records. According to the press release, this project is full of impromptu creations, deeply informed by a reverence for the history and culture of Afro-Caribbean rhythms. The tools at the group’s disposal expand to include MPC, guitar, synthesizers and keys as well as Toribio’s own main instrument: drums.

Listen below and check this list of artists and tracks which have inspired his music.

Smile – Theo Parrish. This is an early Theo Parrish track that cracked my head open. This track I believe is one of the first modern house/dance tracks that made me realize ” I Love this music!” I think I heard it in Ibiza when I was working a festival on a car ride to the site.

Tun-Tun-Tun – Enerolisa & El Grupo Salve de mata los indios. Afro Dominican rhythms with the clave present and percussive rhythms that sit with me from my ancestors til now.

Searchin (Yoruba Soul Mix) – Roy Ayers. I remember when I was digging at A-1 Records in Manhattan and I grabbed this one and took it to the listening station and immediately jerked my head back and forth involuntarily. Saw Bernard Purdie on drums and that was a wrap. Perfect funk and deep bass mixed with lush chords thats right up my alley.

Superwoman – Stevie Wonder. This synthesizer is legendary; the T.O.N.T.O. The segue in between both sections has a warmth that I always want to achieve but never will because Stevie is the highest form of music to me.

Que se sepa – Roberto Roena. Fania classic. Latin rhytms and disco breaks. So of the time and ahead of its time at the same time.

Jump over Barrels – Crash course in Science. This hits my gut immediately. Electronic industrial funk fa dat ass. Drums are fat and bass line keeps me in a trance. Definitely a heavy influence on how i want to use sounds and electronics.

Techno Cumbia – Selena. Love the song title (could be a good party name). Used to have this shit on cassette. Dancehall cumbia from our fallen queen Selena.

Find A Way – Carlos Nino & Miguel Atwood Ferguson – Tribute to J dilla. So much about this influenced me. When I first entered college I wanted to be an arranger along the lineage of Duke ellington and Gil Evans. Miguel Atwood Ferguson continues just that in todays world. I never thought I could hear this J Dilla produced Tribe Called Quest beat ina more beautiful way.

Come Running To Me – Herbie Hancock. This album is everything and has Jazz funk and so much going on. The bassline at the end makes me want to play drums and solo over it.

Aguas De Marco – Elis Regina. This song is arguably the one song ive heard the most in my life and have yet to get tired of it. I quote it concoiusly and subconciously. It has become a part of my musical DNA.

Wayne’s Thang – Kenny Garrett. This album is one of those that I had on repeat and can quote solos verbatim from listeing to this so much. This song i believe is a reference to wayne shorter and its similar to his song Footprints with an ostinato bassline in the blues form. Brian Blade at the drums!!!!!!!