Carey Renee debuted her Electro-R&B single “House Is Burning,” delivering an outstanding performance.

The track commences with a fresh yet effective guitar note that later on turns into a catchy beat. From there on in, listeners are met with an excellent fusion of R&B and soul. Renee skillfully drops hints of pop throughout the song, only to spice up an already fiery single. Carey Renee’s new single is a definite conversation starter and one that will be discussed for a long time. Delivering a universal message to all her fans, the song effortlessly captures the essence of relationships. Her sultry voice touches upon millions of crowds as she repeats her addictive hook, “this house is burning.” 

Renee’s musical background and artistic inclinations keep on driving her for the best in the industry. Check out her website to stay up-to-date with her unique talent.