Vonnegut Collective is a multifaceted ensemble, making new music and telling stories through creative collaborations with artists from a broad range of genres in the concert hall and the community. Formed in 2014 by two members of the BBC Philharmonic, we aim to explore and create new music in a way that is relevant to all.

Tullis Rennie is a composer, improvising trombonist, electronic musician and field recordist. Thomas Adès was born in London in 1971.  Renowned as both composer and performer, he works regularly with the world’s leading orchestras, opera companies and festivals.

48 Hours is their collaborative album which is part of MFR Contemporary Series, A series for contemporary music on Moving Furniture Records. According to the press release, When a twenty-minute piece takes two weeks to rehearse is an audience robbed of some of the richness of their experience by not witnessing that creative journey? For 48 Hours, Vonnegut Collective worked collaboratively with composer Tullis Rennie. Together they documented the trajectory of the rehearsal process and the motivations of the performers as the group tackled their most challenging work to date – Thomas Adès’s Piano Quintet. Recordings from rehearsals and interviews with players are woven through improvised interpretations of a new graphic score for the quintet, combined with trumpet and electronics. In 48 Hours, Rennie and the Vonnegut Collective play with perspective, observation and interpersonal experience, providing the listener with a unique insight into contemporary music making.

Listen below.