Antwerp based musician, composer and sound artist Stratosphere is back with a new album called Collaborations II whcih is out now via Midira Records. He explains: “When “Collaborations I” was ready, I really wanted to have a proper release event. I had the luck that most of the contributing artists lived nearby, or were willing to come over to perform with me. The event also gave the opportunity to have alternative versions of the original tracks, even with more artists than the tracks on “Collaborations I”. And off course, when all those great artists were gathered, it was without a doubt, that all of us would perform together, thus the final act “Big Finale” came together.”

With this release, a 5 year period has come to an end. 2 years of laying contacts, recording and having “Collaborations I” released. Many ideas passed but finally after another 3 years, this very unique event is now available as “Collaborations II”.

Listen below.