Songs for Sad Poets is the collaborative album between Tehran-based musician and sound artist Siavash Amini and American poet and author Eugene Thacker. It will be out on Spetember 23rd via Hallow Ground. According to the press release, What unites Amini and Thacker on this project is an interest in the idea of the fragility of the human being set against the vast horizon of climate, planet, and the cosmos that produces a ‘sadness without cause.’ Songs for Sad Poetstranslate this nearly inexpressible ambient melancholy into dense and sometimes claustrophobic pieces that are marked by internal tensions and slowly unfolding dynamics. None of the words printed in the record’s booklet are being said out loud on this double LP, but rather made tangible through the use of sound. Poetry and music do not so much correspond with each other as they conspire together—as songs without words, words without song. 

Check the first excerpt “A Quiet Glow (For Chūya Nakahara)“.