Pawel Pruski is a Polish music producer and sound artist, also known as Minoo and based in Krakow. One year after Playground and Between, he’s back with a new album called Whispers which is out now via Whitelabrecs. According to the press release, it is a series of organic drones created using an OP-1 modular synthesiser which has been a key source of experimentation, discovery and evaluation for several years. Part of the production process fell during lockdown, in which there were limitations on travel and human interaction. On the other hand, Pruski started walking a lot in the forests around him, allowing him to listen and connect with nature; he would encounter the rustle of leaves that began to resemble whispers. It was from here that he had the idea of nature’s constant whisper, evident all around us, if we choose to listen. Each track represents a whisper from the natural world, which combine as a whole to be a metaphysical journey.

Listen below.