Peace Chord is the new project of the Canadian musician and composer Daniel Robertson, known also as a  core member of  Vancouver-based Crack Cloud. His eponymous debut album is out now via Unheard of Hope. According to the press release, it is a deeply personal, ethereal collection of  songs in which he reflects on the worlds he has been immersed in. From minimalist explorations of gentle  voice, upright piano, and vintage synthesizers, vulnerable meditations emerge.

Check the full streaming below.

He explains: “Peace Chord was made in the shed behind the communal house that I and rest of Crack Cloud live in. I recorded most of it there, as well as in my parent’s living room, during and after the making of Pain Olympics with Crack Cloud. In that ramshackle space I found stillness for the first time after three years of oscillation; between harm-reduction work in overdose prevention sites and low-barrier shelters, and tour with Crack Cloud.

In the stillness of that space, I was afforded time to reflect on the thoughts and experiences that had gone unseen: Loss of love. The dying of my grandfather. The dying of friends to overdose. Seeing new countries. Bearing witness to celebration and trauma. While I was writing, I was also building a Buchla 200 synthesizer, learning to weave on a loom, keeping my hands busy. Like treading water, providing buoyancy to process and meditate on these experiences. Weaving a spiritual lens through which I can interpret what I’ve seen.”