Kasja Lindgren is a Swedish composer and sound artist which has a great interest in exploring different sonic relationships within specific environments through soundfield recording and with an ecoacoustic perspective. Two years after Everyone is here, she’s back with a new album called Momentary Harmony which is out now via Recital.

According to the press release, The music has taken a step away from her previous works, using only flickers of field recordings, instead tracing back to Kajsa’s childhood classical music roots: voice, violin, and piano.

A warm tide grows and recedes through her album. Breathing in miniature lute ornaments and exhaling large choral plateaus. This polarity rests in narcotic limbo. The delicate arrangements remind one of Vikki Jackman or blurred Björk b-sides. Mixing instrument stems like clusters of field recordings, Lindgren laces harmonic timbres and gradients across the plain of this LP.  Choirs clasp with cello overtones and piano washes.

Alongside Kajsa Lindgren, the album has recurring topiary appearances by Vilhelm Bromander (bass), Maxwell August Croy (koto, voice, guitar), Åsa Forsberg (cello), Pär Lindgren (lute), Sean McCann (piano and voice), and Jörgen Pettersson (saxophone).

Listen below.