Argentinian musician, composer and sound artist Federico Durand has released a new album. Herbario is out now via Laaps and follows 2020’s collaboration with Japanese artists ASUNA and sound artist Tomoyoshi Date. He explains: “Herbario is the Spanish name given to a collection of dried plants and flowers preserved in an album. The collector usually writes with pencil the name of the herb, the place and date of collection, thoughts, and the habitat where the plant was collected from.

I live in a place surrounded by mountains and wild gardens which are, to me, a source of inexhaustible beauty. Through them I feel the passage of time: an ancient, circular temporality that follows the course of seasons, dialogues with the dark stillness of the mountain and the moon calendar. Each musical piece of Herbario has the name of my favourite flowers and trees.

Through a year of uncertainty, from March 2020 to March 2021, I composed this album in the same way a botanist would have proceeded: collecting and preserving simple, broken and hypnotic melodies.”

Check the full streaming below.