Italian producer and composer Cosimo Damiano is back with a new album called Hypnos which is out now via Survive. According to the press release, Survive through the connection between lost as well as current music aims to reactivate lost futures and with the same intention Damiano creates a connection between technical technologies and styles from different eras.

Cosimo Damiano’s strong background in Rome’s rave and free party scene, his residency at Ex-Dogana, his collaborations and projects such as Salò, Deltaplanet and Neurodreamers with Alessandro Adriani on Pinkman along with a sound engineering background at Rocchi Studios in Rome and his engagement with classical and contemporary musicians are evident throughout his album ‘Hypnos’.

This eight-track LP is a collection of weird tales where Damiano is using a sonic language capable of describing a dimension where conscious and subconscious meet and merge and like the title of the LP suggests, inspired by the Greek god of sleep Hypnos, Damiano is attempting to pull the audience along with a phantasmagorical, often times delirious sound palette. Coilish ritualism, electroacoustic, aleatory music and Curley Schoop-style techno influences are manifold and mixed with literature and cinematography (H.P. Lovecraft, Jodorowsky).

Listen below.