BON is the  production, composition, writing, and art partnership of Yerosha Windrich and Alex Morris. They have released a new album called Pantheon which is out now via Spatial Awareness. According to the press release, Filmed in their London studio, ‘Pantheon’ comes as a visual album created as an ode to nature. The images glitch between altered perceptions and the internal worlds all around us, and half remembered clips from a fragmented timeline collide with the brains desire to ‘make sense’ of things.

They explain: “We wanted to create a record using samples from recordings we created ourselves that were calm, romantic and had a natural, timeless feel. Something weathered and low-fi, but Hi-Fi and complete all at the same time. Something with the spirit of a well-loved worn-out cassette but using cutting edge production techniques. Hiss, noise and distortion are all treated here as instruments in these compositions. Asking the questions “What is quality, perfection and character and what do these words mean to us”. We took our own recordings and manipulated them, letting them evolve through the technology, reflecting the cyclical and evolutionary nature of all creative processes.”

Check the full streaming below.