Versatile techno artist NoVone drops two unforgettable singles by the names of “COSMO” and “Feelings.” The upbeat songs are ear-pleasing to any listener of any genre because of their authentic qualities.

Up-&-coming DJ NoVone has been making headlines with his new single “COSMO,” an experimental electronic masterpiece.

The house upbeat track is out of the ordinary with its strong progression, EDM-like buildup and original sequences from choruses to rhythmic melodies. “COSMO” encmoposes how talented NoVone really is and his all-original approach to creating a classic house track. Nevertheless, the most profound aspect of the song is its story-like progression, taking the listener to a different reality!

An active musician in the circuit, NoVone is set to have a long-lasting career in any electronic genre he chooses to invest his time in. Until then, we can all enjoy his latest brilliant single “COSMO,” now available to purchase and stream.

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