US-based singer-songwriter and producer Nova Gholar on his way to the top with a brand new release titled “FRDM,” the ultimate manifest of freedom featuring N.E.P.H.E.W. The pair combine their skills in style to bring to life this powerful track that was released with a colorful music video. 

Gholar made the headlines recently, thanks to the release of his previous release, the single and music video “WNDR.”

The new song “FRDM” represents Nova Gholar’s vision of music, one that mixes soul with r&b and Hip-Hop, a secret formula that does wonders in terms of creating a rich and multi-layered listening experience. 

Best known for his collaborations with Brooke Valentine, Melanie Fiona, The Game, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Christina Milian and Lil Twist, Nova Gholar recently decided to take the path of solo career, and fans have so far been incredibly supportive of the artist’s choice. With many more hits to come, Nova is rapidly carving his niche, an easy task for this endlessly talented artist.