“Youtopia” is taking us somewhere far away, in the arms of a dream state of being, where things just go smoothly and happen effortlessly. Or is it simply a place within, where fear is substituted with gratefulness? I guess everyone can define it for themselves.

The track’s emotional palette blends joy, gratitude, satisfaction and a tiny dash of longing for something unattainable at the moment.

According to Wffls, the tune is a sonic manifestation of the idyllic bliss of a deep connection. With its dreamy Rhodes piano chords, hypnotic groove, call-and-response synth melodies and soaring strings, the track feels like being on the beach with your soulmate and holding them in your arms while admiring a gorgeous sunset.

 “Youtopia” is the first single from Wffls’ anticipated upcoming instrumental album Thanksluv: Pure Maple, Vol. 2, due on August 11th, 2021.