Reza Safinia just released his new album Yang. Needless to say, it’s a majestic plethora of immersive compositions, which will send you on a spiritual journey.

Earlier this year the LA-based artist released another album, called Yin – a classical music project which studies the feminine energy, expressed in a tranquil contemplative musicality. Yang, on the other hand, takes on a masculine form as an electronic production, consisting of progressive house, techno, and electronica, with both albums working as a holistic and meditative body of work exploring cosmic connections.

In “Yantra” the multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer draws inspiration from a song off Yin. Skillfully balancing on the intersection point between cinematic, classical and club music, Safinia has granted us with a hypnotizing music piece, which carries a feeling of spiritual expansion. He shares:

A ‘yantra’ is a geometric symbol used as a point of focus in tantric meditation. It is like a visual manifestation of a mantra, and the song is derived from the song “Mantra” from Yin. I took the cyclical piano theme, slowed it down and rebuilt the track with a pulsating beat. “Mantra” was the jump off point, to turn this into a cinematic dance experience.

Listen to the whole album below: