I’ve definitely seen a rise in recent months when it comes to blending lofi beats and chilled, bedroom-like vocals. A champion of this sound could easily be the latest URCHN’s single “World Was Ending 2Day”.

While this is our first feature of the US-based artist, I’ve been keeping an eye/ear to his sound for some time. URCHN makes “lofi beats beneath an oceanic rock” and I absolutely can get behind this spot-on description.

If the world was ending today, you’d be first to hear from me,” that’s phrase which is repeated throughout this beauty and is crafted by Californian vocalist YAYME. It certainly adds a feeling of warmth and the fact that it’s looped makes it quickly feel like the voice of a good old friend who is always there when you are in a bad place.

With its new 6-track EP, Murmurs, URCHN turns a new page in the project’s life honing in on a collection of six late night mantra-based beats as part of his love letter to loved ones. Touching on the human emotions revolving concepts of love, heartbreak, depression, and time, this song is part of the journey that leads you closer to home, wherever that may be.