Continuing the sun-theme, the track “Whispers Of The Sun” by the French electronic/chillhop duo Deimos is yet another one of those warm soulful tunes you didn’t know you needed today until you hear it.

The jazzy soft piano stands out immediately as the key feature of the track. Not something unorthodox for the genre per se, though what separates “Whispers Of The Sun” from other chill-hop/jazz-hop tracks is the fact that the keys aren’t just a looped sample that becomes repetitive after a while. They feel rather natural, evolving and more like a player’s performance – something I always appreciate when done right.

Don’t let the jazz melodies of the piano fool you that there’s nothing else happening on the track though. Once you grow with the sound of “Whispers Of The Sun” you’ll soon start noticing some pleasant guitar phrases, synths, plucks and all sorts of tasteful elements appearing throughout the arrangement. Lush jazztronica vibes for days!