It’s been a few months since we’ve heard from Hemai but he’s back with the best reminder – releasing Strange Beauty Instrumental, the vocal-less version of his debut album, out via Tru Thoughts.

The opening track is the instrumental of “We Could Be Jaded” which showcases his amazing abilities in various instruments and sound design, as well as Erica Tucceri’s flute. Hemai says on this:

the arrangement takes the shape of the horizon

Go and dive into the full project, which is quite the journey:

Hemai Strange Beauty (Instrumental Edition)
We Could Be Jaded (Instrumental) – Hemai 04:07
Vertigo (Instrumental) – Hemai 04:29
Noa Noa (Instrumental) – Hemai 04:08
Love Dancer (Instrumental) – Hemai 06:36
Relight (Instrumental) – Hemai 04:21
When Day Breaks – Hemai 03:26
Brother’s Shuffle (Instrumental) – Hemai 05:12
Bandit’s Pockets (Instrumental) – Hemai 05:10
Awake Indigo (Instrumental) – Hemai 04:22
Gone Surfing – Hemai 03:14