Flowing like water with this smooth track – a sultry soulful tune that will leave a sweet aftertaste after you’ve had a sip from it.

Jessica Childress – a singer, songwriter, pianist and composer based out of Los Angeles, joins US duo
Okay Cool – the collective alter ego of Jenna Maranga (Isla June) and Rich Gonzalez (Barrio Brothers). On the track they share:

On its surface Water is a song about…water. We love it. We need it. We buy fancy bottles for it. But really, this is a song about the vulnerability it takes to let go and grow. In water we give ourselves over, we let it hold us. It connects all living things. Transforms us. We’re honored to share this experience with the brilliant Jessica Childress (Aloe Blacc, Portugal the Man, Kan Wakan) who lent her vibrant poetics and soulful voice to the track.

The instrumental, as laid-back as it is, provides the perfect amount of space for the gorgeous vocals of the two singers, and the gorgeous sax solo compliments the calming spirit of the track, simply adding a bit more spice to the composition. “Water” is everything you need to feel in touch with your own flow!