There are many things, especially this year, that we weren’t ready for.

Young US producer & singer Creature Comfort delivers a smooth piece with a darker notch, based on a real story, which he shares:

This happened to me on a trip to San Francisco from Long Beach, California following the end of high school. I arrived at a friends’ college dorm in Silicon Valley that would be my home base throughout the remainder of my trip. On my own, trying to find a new path, I met a couple of girls who pulled up to me at a campus bus stop to simply ask me what I was doing and where I was going (that being downtown SF to meet with friends). Having told them where I was going they insisted on giving me a ride. Without hesitation, I accepted. Being the young “hippy” that I was, I was inclined to partake in a certain kind of sparked substance wrapped in paper. As the affects slowly started to work their way into my system I soon realized this was no ordinary substance and these beautiful college girls would soon turn to demonic entities that had warped and distorted my reality… in a very bad way. The song itself is a description of the feelings that manifested through the duration said “darker reality”.

Wow! Nonetheless, things apparently ended (sorta) well and we’re happy he blessed us with the lovely & touching “Wasnt Ready For This”.