If EVDN.’s debut single “ANCESTORS” didn’t convince you he’s a force to be reckoned, wait until you hear “WARRIOR”.

The second single of his upcoming TENSION/RELEASE LP (scheduled for the Fall of 2022) is an instrumental behemoth. This track is the mightiest thing I’ve heard in forever. A powerful jazz instrumentation whirled through the prism of electronica and downtempo elements. Everything about this song is huge and abrasive.

Put shortly, “WARRIOR” is a well-oiled machine. A vigorous, yet perfectly balance synergy between EVDN.’s cinematic vision, beast-like drummer Rado Kazasov’s energy and the aerial sound of trumpet player & producer Vladi Michev.

The build-up on here is absolutely unapologetic. It seriously pushes listener’s to the very last possible second and will leave you breathless.

Stream “WARRIOR” on all major streaming platforms here.