“Warm Inside” can make you feel in harmony with yourself and the whole world even after the most hectic and stressful day at work. If that’s not the definition of chill music, then I have no idea what it is!

Calin Chirpac is a French-Romanian composer and producer and is better known as Chillpac. There is hardly an artistic pseudonym more fitting to his music’s vibrancy and essence than that. The Spotify about section pays special attention to his love of guitar, but you need to hear no more than the few-seconds intro of “Warm Inside” to find out by yourself. What follows is nearly three minutes of serene, smooth sailing along mesmerizing guitar riffing and understated piano harmonies.

Even though the track is relatively short, it offers impressive musical diversity for its timespan. There are a couple (3, if you like math) of lead melody switches, a short and sweet guitar solo, and a graceful piano interlude. What’s more important, in no way do these changes clash with one another, nor do they disrupt the track’s ambiance even for a second. From start to finish, “Warm Inside” is a chill, tranquil celebration of beautiful music.