The pop world couldn’t wait for its new queen, and Vallyre is proving to be the one we were waiting for with her not long ago released pop masterpiece “Bloodsweat.” A mind blowing video for a mind blowing pop anthem: deserved. The artist’s confident background in the genre lets her be bold about it and experiment more than others are capable of. 

“Bloodsweat,” co-written by Vallyre herself and producer Howie Moscovitch, is filled with uplifting energy, unbelievable soundscapes spreading hope and joy. The song does not play with your emotions, does not torture the soul, and has no intention to change you, yet it has unpredictable depths and strength in the core not quite common for the genre. The hooks and sounds are catchy and memorable. 

Vallyre’s individuality is highlighted in every aspect of the song, she is unapologetic about who she is and her uniqueness, she owns it all. The melodies she goes for are bold and mix pop, Latin, rock, and electro in an exciting blend. The artist’s vocals are strong and hold the spirit of her musical taste. The “Bloodsweat” themes are timeless and relatable to anyone; Vallyre’s energy is pouring out of every verse and sound. 

The music video for the song is no different. It also goes with a flawless flow of positivity and hope, spreading the vibe. Even though the video is dark in colors, it still manages to be exciting and empowering.