Boyan is more than just an artist on our label. A friend and one of the kindest people in the industry I’ve ever met!

At the time of writing this, I consider “Under The Sun” Boyan’s most precious masterpiece ever created. Spanning across genres like d&b, soul, jazz, chillhop and electronic music, this is just next level. His crown jewel. I hope to see this being played in many DJ sets around the world. Bonobo, I’m looking at you, mate.

In order to fully experience “Under The Sun”, you’ll need patience. Every single note in here for a reason and all that evolves into the most energetic and empowering build-up you’ve heard in a while.

The composition kicks off with Boyan’s signature piano sound before it belts into an inviting tribal electronica that would wake up everyone’s inner animal spirit. Seamlessly, the jazzy / playful synths and the tribal percussion unite into one before your sonic world suddenly crumbles into pieces. 3:29 is that moment in every movie where the main character realizes they’re fighting with just 20% of their strength and unleashes whatever animal behind the hood.

This is the kind of track to play on a morning rave while facing the sun and embracing how beautiful life is and how powerful we, human, are.

The track is part of his upcoming Unfold EP. The artworks (all different) are based on another Boyan passions – photography. All visual elements are shot by him and are a ever-lasting reminder of his love for Bulgaria’s nature.

Whilst making Unfold I was reaching for that same feeling, experimenting with sounds, letting myself go with the flow and not question any of the decisions I am making. It is a deeper look into my passion in more of an electronic/soundscape musical picture.”, shares the Bulgarian artist.

3 out of the 4 singles are out live now!