El Dusty is inviting us to wish upon a star with his latest instrumental hip hop release “Un Estrella Del Deseo”.

As a sucker for both hip hop and cumbia, I was deeply pleased with the producer’s style, colliding these genres in such a brilliant way. Putting together driving drums, snippets from old Latin sci-fi movies and some scratches, the US musician, producer, and DJ offers a groovy and refreshing journey in time and space – pretty fly for a sci-fi!

The track happens to be part of his latest project Sombrero Galaxy. In a 6-track EP, El Dusty weaves samples on top of interludes to reveal a sci-fi story that resonates like an MF Doom, Deltron 3030, or a DJ Shadow production. The producer elaborates:

We wanted to create a concept hip hop album and I wanted to do it our style, so it naturally became a chicano-based, sci-fi themed sample-based hip hop album… It still has a cumbia flavour if u listen close enough!

Following the EP’s concept, the music video for “Un Estrella De Deseo” features video clips of Latin Sci-fi movies; watch below: