Are you ready to dive deep into the thick and nostalgic sonic world of Stephn? The US artist just released a beautiful new track, which carries retro vibes, while capturing the solid emotional depth of his songwriting.

“Ultraviolet” perfectly captures Stephn’s unique blend of r&b, jazz, and soul. Layering lush vocals over an atmospheric sonic backdrop of soft guitar loops and melodic horn sections, the track is a good introduction to the rising artist’s sound.

Written during the height of pandemic-induced introspection, “Ultraviolet” marks a new era for Stephn, both personally and artistically. He shares:

It has always been hard to me to share vulnerability because I am private about my general emotional, mental and even physical trauma but “Ultraviolet” brings it all to light and encourages me to heal all of it instead of dealing with/using various unhealthy coping mechanisms.

The track is the first release, from his upcoming visual project, Time, Time, Time which, I’m convinced, is gonna be something worth checking out.