After releasing “One Of A Kind” from his album Community Service, North-Las Vegas-based hip-hop artist TwoCeez released one of his finest and most powerful tracks yet called “In Ya Face.” The song comes with atmospheric visuals matching the energy of the beats and harmonies. The sound is of the highest quality, and the whole production of the release is professional and dope. 

The release helps the artist open-up himself entirely to the audience and express his creativity to the fullest. The song’s energy is both liberating and sometimes can make you feel exposed, since truth and honesty are not always comfortable to cope with. The release of “In Ya Face” is an unapologetic outburst of emotions and truths right in your face. If you can take it, you will open-up to a new kind of art, a new page of hip-hop that speaks to your raw nature more than anything else wrapped up beautifully, not to hurt your feelings. “In Ya Face” is not about that, you can either take the raw, intimate approach or you can’t, but trying is the least you can do.