Since the beginning of the year, Twin Shadow has been promising that a new album was on the way. In fact, he specifically named August 28th as the release date. Well, today’s the day… and we’ve got no such record. As something of a mea culpa, Twin Shadow has instead shared a new single called “Crushed”.

In a press release, project mastermind George Lewis Jr. apologized for failing to deliver the promised LP, saying he “got caught up.” “I hope the song helps you understand that I needed a bit longer to live some life. It took some time, and I took that time,” he said. “Thank you for your patience. It’s coming.”

From the sound of “Crushed”, it seems that Lewis Jr. had some heartbreak to work through before finishing up the full-length. Sultry and minimalist, the track echoes like all those lonely thoughts spiraling around one’s head after a breakup. Lewis Jr. delivers his vocals in a crestfallen, detached whisper: “You played up all your innocence/ And I downplayed experience/ And I can’t believe I got so dumb/ And led myself to think a kiss is love.”

Well, with that kind of dejection, I think we can forgive a little album delay. Take a listen to Twin Shadow’s “Crushed” below.

Twin Shadow’s most recent LP was last year’s Caer. He’s since released a handful of standalone singles, including “Hollow Days” and “Broken Horses”.