Mancunian songwriter, producer and recording artist EVABEE brings on the sonic soul with her newest track “T&T.” In this case, “T&T” doesn’t refer to the explosive, even though it very well could, consider the bursting sound of this street soul track. Instead, the abbreviation stands for tyrants & thieves, referring to the UK’s order to artists during the pandemic: “No support, retrain.”

EVABEE pours out her emotions into this track – emphasizing her hunger and dedication for her craft, even in turbulent times in the industry. It serves as an optimistic drive for fellow artists to nurture themselves and their art – something no one else knows how to do quite like they do.

“Flowers and abundance, tending to my seeds. Water and some power – that’s all I need. Sun lights up the daytime, no getting in between these sweet vibrations – it’s all I need.”

Inspired by reggae, soul and liquid drum and bass, the artist is no stranger to blending genres. The boom-bap beat, delicate vocals and moving lyrics merge smoothly in this track along with tender keys and cello details.