Been sitting on this beauty for a week now but I just can’t miss on sharing this beautiful MujjO release (out via our mate at Homework Radio).

“Tranquility” is part of artist’s latest 7-track release Asian Summer and it is a true gem of the instrumental music.

I had the pleasure, of asking him a few questions to further enhance the sonic experience of his work.

How would you define tranquility?

For me, tranquility (which is a feeling embedded in the album) is the feeling of a person who wants to spend his summer his summer being lonely near the seashore thinking about how beautiful life is while watching clouds floating in the sky. I also imagine being surrounded by palm trees which give a nostalgia feeling to the whole premise. Just a place and timer to forger your troubles.

What would be the best setting of listing to the track / release?

“Tranquility” is chill and has this tropical feel, so it could perfectly blend with relaxing, sleeping, chilling at a cafe. Something like that.

Does this experimentation/change of sound inspire him in other way ?

I grew up listening to all kinds of both Asian and Western music and it was quite the challenge blending them together especially when it comes to lofi and still keeping the signature feel of the genre. Music feels like painting to me. It’s freedom and it allows me to dive into a creative process of my own, converting my vision and imagination into a sound. I’m really happy people can see (hear) that!

Asian Summer is out now on all major platforms. Say hi to your summer lofi soundtrack.