Music videos are not mandatory, and tracks can totally succeed without them but when artists decide to have visuals, they have to make them perfect. Music clips hold the power of destroying songs or help them go viral. Below, we listed the top 5 music videos of 2021 so far, considering how they match with the song and what kind of vibes they share.

5.YBN Nahmir & 21 Savage – “Opp Stoppa”

Promoting the new version of his 2019 track “Opp Stoppa,” featuring 21 Savage, Y.B.N. Nahmir throws a front lawn party in the hood. At the end of the video, Y.K. Osiris joins the group making a cameo to show some love. The mise-en-scène is filled with card tables, a box television set, and an oven, from which one of Nahmir’s guests produces a baked bird for the group to enjoy. The video is 21’s first appearance of 2021.

4.Juice WRLD – “Conversations”

R.I.P. Juice WRLD, one of the most talented artists of hip-hop’s new era. Recently, a new music video titled “Conversations” was released, featuring the late musician’s previously unseen freestyle footage. The visuals capture the late Chicago rapper’s short life filled with thrill, angst, and potential. It is hard for fans to watch but also awakens a feeling of nostalgia and love that we shared for the young artist. 

3.Edel MJ – “Soñando Despierto”

Debuting his career with a music video titled “Three Hearts,” California-based artist Edel MJ dropped a new song and music video titled “Soñando Despierto” via Higher Living Music. The new release follows-up the style of his debut “Three Hearts,” displaying the artist’s best skills and sonic vision. “Soñando Despierto” has a vibe of a daydream, as the title suggests, and the clip is doing a great job at transcending the emotionality of the song through visuals. It is filled with beautiful women, money, and cars, showcasing intimate cyberpunk-reminding aesthetics filled with neon lights. The dimmed lighting adds a laid-back, feel-good energy to the video’s edgy vibe, completing its atmospheric essence. 

2.Charlotte Cardin – “Meaningless”

Probably the most emotional and heartfelt release of the list, Charlotte Cardin’s music video for “Meaningless” happened to be as emotional as the song itself. Featuring beautiful sights and dances, the Norman Wong-directed visuals perfectly transcend the song’s feeling and vibe. “Meaningless” and its video companion are highly emotional, heavy-hitting pieces that at the same time share feel-good and chill vibes, provoking desires, unleashing depths, and mesmerizing. 

1.Cardi B – ‘Up

It is not a secret that the music world goes crazy every time Cardi B drops a new song or music video. This time the star released a video for her new single “Up,” which is her first new work since 2020’s megahit “WAP” featuring Megan Thee Stallion. The video for “Up” was filmed by director Tani Muino in only two days during Christmas break. They show Cardi atop a sarcophagus in a cemetery wearing a sexy black outfit. She celebrates by saying goodbye and kissing-off 2020. However, the most memorable part of the clip remains the pricy, rather large salmon-pink vibrator which appears enough on the screen to be remembered by the viewers. It became clear that the reason behind the strange appearance was the good old product placement for brand awareness. Melbourne, Australia- based sexual wellness brand Vush collaborated with Bill Gates-owned Branded Entertainment Network (BEN) Group, a product placement, and influencer marketing company, to secure the placement.