obli came on our radar back in March and I knew he will end up on my ones to watch list for electronic music this year.

Today, the producer continues the journey with a glitchy new single titled “Too Far”. The follow-up to “hei” is nothing like its more breezy predecessor. The song is built around a robust beat, bubbling synth arpeggios and spacious chopped vocal work. Certainly an expressive club-ready track and another spot-on addition to the Foreign Family Collective catalog.

These multifaceted layers of sound and samples showcase obli’s diverse skills as a producer, offering a refreshing and unique feel in a crowded electronic field.

“I first started Too Far back in 2018.” shares obli, “I’ve always been proud of this track and I’m truly excited to finally have it out. The song represents things in life feeling like ’too much’ or that they have ‘gone too far’. I think that’s something that everyone feels from time to time no matter what is going on in their life.”