There’s an underlying flavor of soul in the dreamy bedroom pop sound of Amsterdam-based duo Feng Suave. I’ve been playing their tracks ever since discovering them a couple of days ago (how did I not about them before?!) and they’re such a perfect vibe for the upcoming summer daze.

“Tomb for Rockets” was recorded analogue to tape, really solidifying the density of the instrumentals of the track. Songs with live, analogue instruments always get me as they have this energy and presence that digitalized music lacks. This hazy, sunny tune is the band’s newest work and has already been on repeat in my ears. 

“We spent a long time looking for the right structure in this tune and had a hard time coming up with something that felt laid back and breezy without sounding uninspired or too easy. The lyrics however came very naturally and when combined with the music they make something that feels quite close to a love song.”

True to their vintage touch, the supplementing video to “Tomb for Rockets” is a VHS-recorded, directed by Bob Sizoo.