Are you tired of being blue, too? Well, Pablo EskoBEAR has got you covered.

Two fresh singles later (“Pool Noodles” & “Comin’ To Steal Your Lunch“), it’s time for the full Pool Parties EP – available on all platforms here. The five-tracker stirs up tasty pots of old-school boom-bap with a pleasant soul spice. Carrying feel-good energy, the tracks transform all of the sampled retro gems and give them a brand new fresh aesthetic, meant to perfectly suit your end-of-summer adventures. He shares:

The samples I compiled together for this track gave me vibes as if I were floating in a pool noodle or an inner tube. They reminded me of a lot of the old soul music I used to hear when I was a kid swimming in my grandparents’ pool in Florida.

The whole project is pure freshness from start to finish, so grab a cocktail and enjoy it: