You ever feel like you are standing still and everything around you is moving so quickly, passing you by? You’re not the only one. 

Mr. Moon and Mey’s “Timelapse” is a track about the phenomenon of ever-speeding time and how at the end of all the chaos, all you have is yourself. The tender vocals on the track belong to the X-Factor singer, Magi Aleksieva, who performs under the alias of Mey.  

Plovdiv-based Mr. Moon (Mladen Dimitrov) has been on the Bulgarian deep house scene for nearly two decades. A multi-instrumentalist, DJ, and producer, Mr. Moon takes inspiration from soul, funk, and jazz, which can be heard on this new track. The funky guitar riffs, jazzy piano scale, and tender vocals make it hit like an ice-cold cocktail on a summer evening. With elements of lounge and French touch, it’s impossible to become bored with “Timelapse.” 

And then just as you are zoning out into your own world, you realize 6 minutes have passed and the song is over. More than likely, you hit play one more time and enter the time-lapse again.