“Til I Change Your Mind” has been stuck in my mind since it came out last week. Teddy Swims, or Jaten Dimsdale blew up out of a small town 20 miles from Atlanta, Georgia to an artist with a huge following worldwide. 

At the foundation of this track are Teddy’s robust and powerful vocals. This song could have no instruments and it would still be a jam. The slight raspiness to his voice adds a note of the country sound he is known to find influence in. On top of the undeniable energy live instruments bring to a track, the arrangement is so well-balanced. The drum track is super interesting and the brass and guitars coming through really add the soulful sound. 

The intimate pauses in the instrumentals are filled with smooth back vocals and rhythmic clapping, which makes me belt out the chorus every time as if I was at a live show. 

Artist Sage Guillory creates an abstract painting in the music video, which is currently being auctioned on his website. From the proceeds, 80% will go to Soul Food Cypher, an Atlanta-based non-profit that transforms people and communities through lyricism and freestyle rap. The other 20% will go to Guillory to fund his new artist studio. 

Check out the video and the custom painting: