“Tightrope” is a hypnotic and bouncy example of indie-pop done right. Idiosyncratic, yet full of catchy hooks, it cements Paper Idol’s place of one of the most promising artists to come.

His yet-to-be expanded body of work suggests that his music is far from cliched or one-dimensional. Never the one to shy away from the chameleonic nature of his music, Paper Idol elaborates:

“I joke that my music is too electronic for indie kids but also too indie for electronic kids. I like to combine indie-pop and EDM into something surreal and unique…[] Tightrope is about the things we crave the most, and how they can bring as much pain as pleasure.”

Indeed, the lyrics are not what you would normally expect for a dancing, groovy beat like the one in “Tightrope.” It is their melancholic and ambiguous nature, juxtaposed with the polished production that sparks the contrast which separates the track, and Paper Idol as an artist, from the rest in the indie-pop crowd.            

It’s a surprisingly groovy and dance-floorish way to reflect on intimate relationships, a true rarity for a topic that is so often looked at from the most boring of angles.