Time for some kicking back, relaxing and delving a bit deep into the world of rhymes and lyrics with London-based songwriter and rapper James Lamb. With his newest single and the first time as a solo artist “These Old Feelings” offers a stunning almost spoken-word-like masterpiece.

With its jazzy vibe, the lo-fi instrumental features some soothing piano chords and wistful melodies as a backdrop to James’ powerful yet delicate rhymes. His mellow raps carry a certain improvised feel to them while still retaining the rapper’s confident style. He elaborates more on the meaning behind the track:

“I wanted to create something chilled yet soulful and express my feelings of love and everything attached to it. It’s about not letting past relationships get in the way of a new one and how time heals everything.”

“These Old Feelings” is just the beginning for James! Make sure you follow him to be the first to hear all of the new tracks coming soon!