Fresh out of the oven – a new video for Gavlyn and DJ Hoppa’s tune “There’s Only One”!

What a good occasion for you to get to listen to this cool hip hop tune and get to know (if you still don’t) the inimitable style of this classy duo! Since the first time I heard of them, they keep on dropping jam after jam and prove wrong both those who think that hip hop is dead and those who don’t believe in the virtues of female rappers.

This track is part of their latest album Say Less, Love More, released this September. Gavlyn elaborates:

This album means a lot to me because it’s the most healing record I’ve ever written. People forget how powerful words can be, especially when said out loud. This has affected me as a lyricist, so I’ve been making it a point to have my words build the house I live in. The motivation is growth in all ways.

Don’t miss out on the full album and check it out below: