This one is for the ones who could use a good nap under a tree in a big forest. Did you smell the fresh air, yet?

The summer just left but I’m already longing for feeling the sun rays on my skin and bathing in the warm tides of the wind. Good that we have some cool lofi tunes around, to make us feel a bit cosier – because what makes Autumn more cosier than soothing music, a warm drink, the smell of cinnamon and a soft scarf (or blanket)? Thanks to Desci and jawima at least one part of the deal is secured!

Their latest track “the point of no reconciliation” is one to really help you relax and surrender to the sonic waves of calmness and acceptance – the artists elaborate:

The point of no reconciliation is a coming-of-age narrative, dealing with the fact that in life, you outgrow relationships you thought you never would. That being said, the message isn’t one to be perceived of sorrow or pain, but one of growth and new beginnings. For every relationship outgrown, there is a new one waiting to be developed.