If you’re having trouble beginning your week, here’s a dope mood & energy booster.

One of our latest & favourite findings from UK label Tru Thoughts is the North London duo Aurora Dee Raynes (Danielle Kranendonk & Stephen Raynes).

Synth- and soul-heavy, “The Letter” has power to its instrumental and heartfelt vocals – but also amazing smoothness thanks to the keys. It is a track about the importance of honesty in complex emotional relationships and takes constant turns between uplifting funk and mellow jazz. Danielle explains:

The power in the song and the strength in the vocals are me becoming/being that powerful woman. Telling you how it is… If you don’t have transparency in any relationship – open or closed – you’re not being true to yourself or them.

This is the opening track of their upcoming debut album Invisible Things (26 Nov).